Thursday, May 3, 2018

A beautiful message from a Kuwaiti lady to Duterte

Facebook netizen Claire V. Constantino recently posted on Facebook a copy of a message that is allegedly sent by Kuwaiti Mariam AlRushaid for President Rodrigo Duterte.
AlRushaid and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit to the owner

In the message, AlRushaid said that she admired that way Duterte is running the Philippines, most especially the k!lling of the illegal drug users and dealers.

She says that what Duterte has done is taking care of the country and that all Filipinos love him, even those relatives of those who have been k!lled because of drugs. 

Ending her post, she says that it is not just Filipinos who love him but also the people of Kuwait.

Read her full post here:

( a beautiful message from a beautiful kuwaiti lady to our president)

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Mariam AlRushaid. I am from Kuwait, and I am writing you today to tell you how much i admire your way of ruling your country , since you came to power you promised to k!ll all the country’s drug users and dealers, Thousands of Filipinos have been shot dead. As you promised you are taking care of your beloved country. All Filipinos love you. Imagine that my Nanny she lost her only son he got k!lled because of drugs but she didn’t feel upset because she respects and love you . You made all you citizens valuable all over the world.

Since then I became interested in following your achievements although I’m not interested in politics or media as well. I strongly believe that every successful person will always face problems, but you are way much stronger than that.

We all love you here in Kuwait . You made everybody proud of you . A man with a good heart and a high sense of humanity deserves to be appreciated.

God bless you and your beautiful country

Thank you for reading my letter and thank you for you precious time

Mariam Al-Rushaid

Source: Facebook

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  1. Thank you madam for giving high respect for our beloved president..Rodrigo Roa Duterte..he is truely have a good heart and i believe 80% of Filipinos trust him so much..

  2. Buti pa ang taga iba bansa lalu na ang kuwait nararamdaman kung paano idepensa ni PRRD ang mga pilipino. Malaking sampal ito sa mga kalaban ng presidente.

  3. kahit anung gawin ng mga kritiko ng Pangulo, mangingibang bansa para magkalat ng fake news kontra admin, may mga dayuhang namamangha sa liderato ni PRRD at magbigay ng saloobin.

  4. Our boloved president never killed them, he just gives a warning and high restriction to all drugs trafficker , pusher and users,due to high restriction all drug pushers and trafficker are not remitting money to the drug boss cartel and the order of their boss is to kill them. regarding the encounter of policemen against the drugs syndicates with heavy guns and riffles are very common in the philippines, that is why there are manny police and drug pushers and drug lord are dying during encounter, the constant use of shabu after six months their brain got shrunk and they become paranoiac madmen...The faculty of their decrimination of what is right and wrong were lost, that is why they are killing, raping even their own family, children and mother etc...and that is the pandemic in our society becouse our previous government was run by contaminated politcal drug cartel...Our beloved Presiden manong Digong Duterte is just fullfilling his promise when he was campaigning for president..