Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ateneo alumnus to anti-Duterte: You may hate him, but Duterte is your 911

Ateneo de Davao University graduate Elton Levin Domingo had a message to share to the critics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. In his Facebook post, he sent a message the people should think about.

In his post, Domingo said that a lot of people hate the president because he is unrefined, unlike most presidents that the country has seen.

He said that people tend to hate the president because he “looks like shit”, he is a “s3x maniac”, a “sinful thug” and many more.

But despite this, he says, Duterte has always been there for the Filipino people, may it be providing food for those who need it, or listening to his people’s problems.

Read his full post here:

“I get it.

You hate him because he has dealt with so much shit in his life that now, he looks like shit. He's the poor Bisaya image that makes the rich man cringe with utter disgust. He's the s3x maniac to the conservative hypocrites and child molesters hiding behind barongs and religious robes. He's the sinful thug that will make you eat the fake plastic rice you smuggled, chew that cigarette you smoked in a prohibited area, and swallow that bala you planted in a sick old woman's baggage. You hate him because he is the biggest "F*CK YOU" this passive government has ever seen.

Yet he was there with you when you lost your home and family to a storm. He gave you the rice you were asking but gunned down for. He traded his freedom for your infant child's life. He knows how sick you are. He knows how poor you are. He would sit down anywhere and listen to you like a brother. Whoever you are, whatever side you're on, he does not give a fuck. Because you are a Filipino and he is yellow, white, red and blue. He's your 911.”

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Source: Facebook

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  1. True. I cried when I see him looks so exhausted and I thought, If only I could give him some of my strength, I will. I hate to see while our president is doing everything he could to help our country become better again and yet his critics are so blinded by the yellow propagandas.

  2. His critics are not blinded with propagandas, they’re just doing it for money, easy money. I can’t blame other people for doing that because, money is power, money is everything to them, that once you have lots of money you can buy anything and beyond, trust me!

  3. Elton L Domingo, right on the money. All those hypocrites out there are good with lip service mostly. They're even the ones probably benefiting also from the good projects and changes #PRRD have done so far. They won't admit to that of course, but I'm sure their family and friends knows the hypocrisy of their actions towards #PresidentDuterte. I'm calling on them to be a true Filipino and help the Country by being pro-active and be neutral at least. Maybe then the others will follow and nice changes the current administration is doing or would like to do will materialize faster. My fellow Filipinos let us help lift up our beloved Philippines. Be a #Patriot and become part of the change we all clamor 🇵🇭