Tuesday, May 1, 2018

CPP Founder Joma Sison nominated as National Artist

Founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines Josa Maria Sison / Photo credit to the owner

Founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines Josa Maria Sison was nominated by multiple groups, artist and personalities to be National Artist for Literature.

Concerned Artists of the Philippines and National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera led the nomination of Sison. They submitted hundreds of pages of testimonials and lists of Sison’s works for the nomination.

They said that he has made a profound impact on the country through the poems, essays and articles that he made.

The nomination of Jose Maria Sison for national artist for poetry and the essay is moved by recognition of the crucial role he has a played and continues to play in the making of the Filipino community and nation by developing and enhancing the Filipino capacity to understand the Philippine crisis through the poems and the hundreds of essays he has written on the manifold aspects of that crisis,” a part of the nomination entitled “Jose Maria Sison’s Enduring Legacy: People’s Art, People’s Culture” read.

The Concerned Artists of the Philippines, College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines, Sining na Naglilingkod sa Bayan, Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino, Teatro Obrero, Artista kag Manunulat nga Makibanwahanon (Panay), Artistang May Diwang Dagohoy (Bohol), Sining Banwa Performance Collective (Albay) Panday Sining (Metro Manila), Liga ng Kabataang Propagandista, Southern Tagalog Exposure, Kodao Productions and The Philippine Collegian were among the organizational nominators.

Lumbera, University of the Philippines deans Luis Teodoro and Roland Tolentino, writers Alice and Gelacio Guillermo, playwright Bonifacio Ilagan, National Democratic Front of the Philippines peace consultant Allan Jazmines, Davao-based writer Don Pagusara, UP professor Rommel Rodriguez, and director-producer Soc Jose were among hundreds of artists who nominated the communist leader.

Sison is not a stranger to winning awards. He has won the Literary Achievement Award for poety and essay writing from the Writers’ Union of the Philippines, National Book Award for Poetry (Prison and Beyond), Manila Critics Circle the Southeast Asia (SEA) SWRITE Award for the Philippines for essay writing and poetry, and the Marcelo H. del Pilar Award bestowed by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

[Sison’s essays] have enlightened several generations and inspired them into living lives dedicated to the service of the people in furtherance of the empowerment of the poor, the marginalized and the powerless so they may themselves transform their own lives in a society of peace, prosperity and democracy of their own making,” the nominators wrote.

“He has thereby raised the level of public discourse on such issues as poverty and underdevelopment from the confusion and misdirection of the past to its current focus on their historical and structural roots, and as neither mandated by heaven nor an affliction inherent in the human condition, but as man-made and therefore susceptible to human intervention,” they added.

Source: Kodao

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  1. Please say this is a big fat JOKE...please. Maawa naman kayo sa Pilipinas.

  2. An order must have been cascaded to these organizations to nominate Joma, else they would not have acted as a collective.

  3. ..collegial nominations? what a mockery!

  4. Joma is a prolific writer, but he is no Pablo Neruda. His mode of writing are often rustic, ideal, yet out of reality. There are other writers who writes better than him, but not necessarily nationalistic enough, however, Joma's brand of writing is not beneficial to the Filipino poor; he is teaching them the sense of entitlement; being poor entitled you to grab other people's properties.

  5. Kabobohan, kahangalan at katangahan kayong mga nagnominate sa kanya.