Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Former presidential assistant: "Opposition will not stop destabilizing the government until it has toppled the duly-elected president"

In a Facebook post, columnist and former Presidential assistant for economic affairs, Jose Alejandrino predicts that the opposition or Liberal Party of the Philippines will not stop destabilizing the government until they overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte.

Read the full post below:

“As I had predicted, the Opposition will not stop destabilizing the government until it has toppled the duly-elected president by its plan dubbed as Edsa III this February 23-24 2018. It expects the presumptive VP Leni Robredo to replace him. This plan dates back to the video calls of Loida Lewis for Duterte to leave. As we approach the anniversary of Edsa I, the Opposition has stepped up its measures towards its final objective.

The conspiracy, as I had predicted before, brings together the oligarchs, liberals, leftists, Magdalo group of Trillanes and Alejano, and some elements of the CBCP like Soc Villegas known to be critical of the president, into a big unholy alliance under the banner of Satan.

The vanguard of students under this banner are the leftists at the UP. They will be reinforced by labor groups like the KMU and Bayan party-list members. They are hoping into this net to be joined by students the leftists and liberals had brainwashed in other schools thanks to radicalized nuns.

The Opposition had hoped to control the social media through its bloggers and the destruction of original Dutertistas by Trojan horses infiltrated into the DDS. If they had succeeded, their bloggers abroad connected to the NDF of Joma Sison and Rappler would have controlled social media. But the phalanx of original DDS led by the likes of Imee Callao, despite being maligned, managed to hold together and Rappler neutralized as a foreign-funded agent.

Not having succeeded in its Phase I, the Opposition moved to Phase II, this time to attack the principal advisers of the president. The attempt by Trillanes to malign Sec. Bong Go in the navy's frigate deal backfired when Bong Go fought back and accused the Opposition of staging the Senate hearing for public consumption in preparation for its Edsa III. He rebutted the false charges point by point. Trillanes in his usual sneaky way simply ran between his tails by leaving the room. The attempt to malign Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana as a co-conspirator in the frigate deal also failed. By taking aim at Lorenzana, the Opposition had obviously intended to sow discord within the Duterte Cabinet and to neutralize military support for the president when Edsa III occurs. PNP chief Bato doused cold water at the destabilizers when he publicly announced he and the police force would stand firmly behind the president against any coup attempt.

Phase III are the news reports by PHILSTAR, PDI, and Rappler of the US Intel Worldwide Threat Assessment that claims President Duterte is a threat to democracy and human rights. Upon examination of page 19 of that Assessment report nowhere did US Intel make such a claim. Therefore, the story had been deliberately distorted to make it appear to the public and the AFP that the US had lost confidence in Duterte, again in preparation for his overthrow at Edsa III.

It is clear there is a systematic pattern of events to prepare the stage for the overthrow of the president. Will it succeed? By my personal estimate, the Opposition does not have the numbers to pull off Edsa III. Of course I could be mistaken but it doesn't worry me. Even assuming for the sake of argument the Opposition is able to gather 500,000 - which I highly doubt - a coup against Duterte would bring a countercoup against Robredo with at least two million Dutertistas storming the barricades. If a civil war, it will be bloody. If a counter-revolution it can also be bloody with the people hanging the chief plotters at the nearest tree. Either way, it will lead to the installation of a revolutionary government with the people bringing back Duterte to head it.

So, go ahead plotters. Make our day. We're ready for you. Duterte will finally clean up your mess once and for all. I have never sung before because I don't have the voice of Bong Go. But on that day, I shall sing even if it brings rain.

Please share to all DDS. Be ready.”

Source: Facebook

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