Friday, May 4, 2018

Jay Sonza on PNoy: He is the most intellectually dishonest person

Jay Sonza, a retired radio and TV broadcaster, recently posted on Facebook stating that former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was the most intellectually dishonest person in the Philippines after the Dengvaxia vaccine issue exploded recently.

In a Facebook post, Sonza stated that although the former president attempted to clear his name and the intentions of his administration regarding the immediate purchase of the Dengvaxia vaccine from Sanofi, the website claims that not all are convinced of PNoy’s reasons.

Sonza is one of those people with clear distrust towards PNoy.

Sonza said that in his six years of being president, he still had no idea what was indeed happening in the country.

Sonza also went on to say that PNoy had continually lied to the people.

The veteran broadcaster also included some reactions from Facebook netizens agreeing to Sonza’s stance towards PNoy.

Read Sonza’s full post here:

“After watching the “Dengvaxia Anomaly” investigation of the Senate Committee on Public Accountability, I arrived at this conclusion: I believe that…

Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, former representative of  Tarlac Province, former senator and former president of the Republic of the Philippines…“IS THE MOST INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST PERSON.”

Anim na taon kang presidente, wala kang alam sa nangyayari sa bansa mo. Dahil kung hindi siya sinungaling at kalahating tao, eh, sa tingin ko mas malaki ang sayad ng utak niya kaysa anak ng kaklase kong si regalado gonzales na nabaliw ang anak dahil sa sobrang kakashabu.

marijuana pa more, extacy pa more, white powder pa more. wala talagang magandang dulot ang drugs classmate reggie sa kabataan, lalo na siguro sa may edad na.”

Source: Facebook

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  1. i agree with Jay Sonza. Since from the very beginning Noy-Noy made used of using "wala akong alam", "Di ko alam"... as his defense ... Innocence of the law excuses no one... Sad to say that during his term as president, he had immunity so he used it to the fullest by playing innocent while dipping all his fingers to all satanic and demonic deeds! Dengvaxia is a GENOCIDE! MY SOUL CRIES WITH IT. HUHUHU... God does not sleep, in his appointed time, He will respond for the remorse of what Noy-Noy and his cronies did.