Friday, May 4, 2018

Jover Laurio files disbarment complaint against Gadon

Pinoy Ako Blog’s (PAB) Jover Laurio files disbarment complaint against Atty. Larry Gadon for gross ignorance of the law and grossly immoral conduct.

Jover Laurio was among other protesters in Baguio City during Supreme Court (SC) oral arguments. They filed the complaint before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP).

"Complainants wish to point out that Gadon raised a dirty finger against peaceful protesters supporting Chief Justice Sereno without provocation,” Laurio said in her complaint.

Laurio said that Gadon should be disbarred for how he acted towards the protester in Baguio City wherein he cursed at them and showed his middle finger.

She adds that Gadon is really ignorant of the law for filing a criminal complaint against Sereno before the Department of Justice.

"The legal principle that impeachable public officers – especially including the Chief Justice – cannot be removed from office except by impeachment and they cannot be criminally or administratively charged is very basic and elementary," she stated in her complaint.

Gadon also has pending disbarment complaints over hateful remarks he had against Muslims.

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Source: Rappler

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