Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Netizen defends Cayetano

Facebook netizen with the user handle Hedda Joy Tady Tan recently came to the defense of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano saying that he should not be judged too quickly.

Recently, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano had been blamed with regards to the rescue of distressed Filipino workers in Kuwait.

In her post, she listed out all the admirable things Cayetano has done for the country, including calling for nuclear disarmament and fighting against fake news.
Hedda Joy Tady Tan / Photo from Facebook

Tan also couched for Cayetano saying that she had heard all his speeches and watched him fulfill his promises.

She calls for people not to judge him too quickly because of “a little propaganda”.

Read her full post here:

"Ang dali-dali nating makalimot. And that is disturbing. He came to OUR rescue when De5 flaunted her lies on CNN about our drug-war, in her scarf and all. He defended us at the ICC while Gascon was peddling their fake news there courtesy of Alejano and Trillanes.

He told the world two important things at the UN summit in New York : to LISTEN to us, and to call for nuclear disarmament as the Philippines' stand, granting we are at the mercy if nuclear powers because of our location in the Pacific.

We rejoiced then. THREE CRUCIAL TIMES.

We took pride in his success as he was being congratulated after his speech in New York. An official from Saudi even said his country will do better for our countrymen after congratulating him.

I listened to all his speeches then. They were not just talk. The man was passionate about what he said. I heard the sincerity in his voice. And his calls were HEARD by many in the outside world.

But a little propaganda makes us all forget.


I do hope we have matured enough not to judge a man too soon, devoid of reason and while practicing amnesia of all that he has done for the Filipino.

It is saddening for me to see. We can talk about shortcomings. And we should. But what we are doing right now is witch-hunting. It is regression from what PRRD wishes to achieve!"

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Source: Facebook

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