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Netizen lauds Duterte for “finishing and improving what the LPs could not”

Facebook netizen, Jovybev Aquino, recently posted in the popular social media platform his thoughts on the ongoing battle between the Liberal Party supporters and Duterte supporters.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit to the owner

Aquino started listing down the achievements of the Duterte administration, many of which he says the Liberal Party started but never finished or completed.

He listed the Tanim Bala scam, drug problem, roads and bridges construction as few of the many issues that the Liberal Party was unable to fully fix and improve on.

Ending his list, he says that the LP should stop clamoring for them to get back into power or in criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte because of his many achievements and the LP’s “incompetence, negligence and corruption.

Read his full post here:

"Look at all the problems we are tackling and have tackled and tell me that it didn’t all originate from the incompetence, negligence, corruption and apathy of the Liberal Party.

Tanim Bala- brushed off by the LP, but solved by simple common sense.

Drugs- Allowed to flourish by the LP, without even a footnote of a warning to the populace by either the government or the catholic church. Even as murders committed by drug crazed persons became so rampant that it wouldn’t even make the news. But is now being tackled by the government to the complete dismay of the LP to the point of denying its existence.

Roads and bridges- The LP left hundreds of projects unfinished and yet signed them of as completed, but it took this government the fortitude to finish these ghost projects without even wanting the fanfare of claiming it for themselves.

Mining- The LP allowed mines to operate at the cost of the destruction of our natural habitats, mining laws were not adhered to, environmental policies were not even a concern, but it took this government the fearlessness of going against the oligarchs that operate these mines and closing them down and actually implementing laws that if followed in the first place would not have created such disastrous ecological nightmares.

ISIS- The LP were informed of the presence of ISIS in the country as early as 2014, these were just brushed away as speculations. They did not do anything about it, zero. But it took this government’s firmness of purpose to see it as it is and did measures to not only stop and end that one event in Marawi, but looked forward by addressing the problem as a whole.

Abu Sayaff- The attacks of the bandits were a weekly occurance as far back as the time of Ramos. Nothing was done to solve the abu sayaff problem, each president declaring all-out-wars but after a few weeks would end up going back to square one, ending with more beheadings and kidnaps. But it took this intrepid man, to look beyond the violence and tackle the root cause of the rebels, which was poverty, inequality and a lack of support for the minorities down south. As we speak, roads and bridges are being built in places that were deemed no man’s land in the past, the Abu Sayaff have all but surrendered and for once in my lifetime, the sound of life without gunshots down south.

The MRT- The MRT has been the milking cow of the LP. They awarded contract upon contract to people who knew nothing about trains, they purchased trains that did not fit, they used computers that required floppy drives to run the system, they ran it to the ground. There were no complaints from this administration, they looked at the problems and slowly solved it. They even apologized for the inconveniences caused by the mismanaged system, even if that system was from the handiwork of the LP. They fixed it without blame, they served the people because they know, it is their job to do so.

Boracay- The jewel of the LP. The jewel that brought in their tourist dollars. Just like everything else they touched, they ran it to the ground. But it takes a warriors determination to do what is about to be done. Close it down.

So what exactly are the yellows fighting for? I guess they really miss their incompetence, negligence and corruption."

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Source: Facebook

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