Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Opinion columnist slams Labor groups who reject Duterte’s EO vs Endo : “Puro kayo ngawa, walang gawa”

Vice President for Political Affairs at INTERXN and opinion columnist Mike Acebedo Lopez recently posted in Facebook his thoughts towards the comments of several people that the Executive Order of President Rodrigo Duterte in regards to contractualization is “toothless”.

To this Lopez responded that the order covered as much as Duterte’s executive powers could reach. 

Also, that the EO cannot amend the existing Labor Code.

He adds that there is no winning because if the EO could amend the law, then people will call him a dictator.

Ending his post, Lopez calls on the people to call out to their senators and congressmen to amend the Labor Code because they have the utmost power.

Read his full post here:

"You say the President’s EO is toothless? Well it covers as much as his executive powers could.

Did you expect the EO to amend an existing law: the Labor Code? And if it did, what will you call Duterte, a dictator? Because to issue executive orders that completely disregard existing laws is actually a dictatorship. So what is it that you want exactly? Huwag bobo.

Duterte is not a dictator; he has malasakit for people but this is the most he could do considering existing laws and he has done it. If you and your ilk—both Yellows and Reds—are truly sincere in fighting for the welfare of workers, why don’t you ask your useless banging cymbals of senators and congressmen to take a cue from the President’s EO and do their part in amending the Labor Code?

Puro kayo ngawa, walang gawa. The President has made his move. Checkmate.

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Source: Facebook

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