Wednesday, May 2, 2018

VP Robredo takes a stand and promises to correct fake news made about her as she calls out Philippine Star reporter

Vice President Leonor “Leni” Robredo recently called out a Philippine Star journalist for spreading “fake news” about the ballot recount in the electoral protest filed by Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

Reporter Edu Punay tweeted that Robredo’s lead against Marcos was reduced by over 21,000 votes.

To which Robredo replied that Punay was preempting the final recount taly of the Supreme court and that what he said was fake news. She also slammed the previous rumor that she lost 5,000 votes.

This is fake news. Propaganda meant to condition the minds of the public. Two weeks ago, [the] PR stunt was we already lost 5,000 votes. Both are fake,” said Robredo, who shared the Philippine Star tweet on Punay's post.

Robredo shot back at the Marcos camp saying, “If you really won the elections, why the need for fake news?”

Robredo added that she has had enough of the fake news that have been circulating around her and that she has kept silent for a long time, but now she promises to correct all fake news.

"At ngayon na na-realize natin na mali na we kept silent, talagang pupunahin na natin every time may maling lumalabas,” she said.

The Presidential Electoral Tribunal s currently manually recounting all the votes in the 3 pilot provinces that Marcos chose for the initial recount.

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Source: Rappler

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