Monday, June 4, 2018

Hontiveros: Halik ni Duterte sa OFW, grave abuse of authority

Kinondena ni Senator Risa Hontiveros ang paghahalik ni President Rodrigo Duterte sa isang Filipina sa South Korea sa harap ng madaming audience.
Photo credit: Manila Bulletin News

Ayon kay Hontiveros, inabuso ni Duterte ang kaniyang kapangyarihan.

It was a despicable display of s3xism and grave abuse of authority. President Duterte acted like a feudal king who thinks that being the President is an entitlement to do anything that he pleases,” ani Hontiveros.

Sinabi rin ni Hontiveros na huwag husgahan ang OFW na nagpahalik sa Pangulo.

Ang Pangulo aniya ang pinuno ng bansa at tinatawag pang “tatay” kaya ito ang dapat na umayos ang kilos.

President Duterte, being the head of the state, should have acted with great restraint, respect and judiciousness, something which is expected of the position he holds, especially a leader dubbed by his defenders as “tatay.” That is no way for a so-called father of the nation to act,” sabi pa ni Hontiveros.

Dagdag pa ni Hontiveros, maaaring ang ginawa ni Duterte ay upang matabunan ang isyu ngayon na West Philippine Sea at ang kaso laban kay Solicitor General Jose Calida. 

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  1. Only Duterte haters like you would react negatively with malice! Only those who are immature, hypocrites, narrow minded, uneducated who cant distinguish a fun play joke and those who does not understand PRDs fun loving nature on women especially those women who idolizes and played along with him just to get some memorable moments with the president!

    No matter how big a hammer you use, you cant pound common sense into stupid people! ������

  2. he brought home double what South Korea wanted to give as aid. from $500M TO $1B. he can kiss anybody he wants.