Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trillanes calls Duterte’s bluff: He won’t resign

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV recently called out President Rodrigo Duterte on his statement saying that he would resign from his post if enough number of women speak out and say that they were offended by his kissing a married Filipino in South Korea.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

Trillanes said that he has heard that bluff from Duterte before and says that he will not follow through.

Alam n’yo siguro pang-100 beses ko na narinig ‘yang pagre-resign. Hindi magre-resign si Duterte kasi kapit-tuko ‘yan sa power. Sarap na sarap siya, high na high siya sa power. Hindi yan bibitiw kahit na ano. Manhid yan,” Trillanes said.

Duterte on the other hand has dismissed the issue saying that there was no malice on the kiss. He said that he simply wanted to entertain the Filipino community that was gathered there.

If there are enough women to... Well I think if all women here would sign a petition for me to resign, I will resign,” he said.

Duterte’s allies were quick to come to the president’s defense saying that the kiss was simply and act to entertain the audience. Some even saying that it was part of the Filipino culture.

Trillanes, however, disagrees, saying that majority of people were grossed out by the action.

Bakit ka kikiligin? I don’t know, siguro nagayuma ‘yung buong Pilipinas o yung mga bumoto sa kanya, I don’t know. Pero di hamak na mas maraming nandiri. Grabe. Alam n’yo bumaba ang tingin sa Pilipina dahil hinahayaan ‘yung ganun,” he said.

He added that consented or not, the kiss was still improper.

Wala yun sa lugar. Presidente siya ng Pilipinas, tapos ang konteksto ngayon di ba ang daming naghihirap na kababayan natin sa taas ng bilihin tapos makikipaglandian ka na ganyan? Kahit anong tingnan mo na anggulo, mali eh. Tapos, culture ng Filipino, hindi ganun. ‘Wag niyang gawing masamang tao yung Filipino in general,” he said.

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  1. Ay naku!!! Masyado na naman ang pagka-inggit ni Trillanes sa kiss na ginawa ni Pres. Duterte. Pabayaan natin ang mga LP na masyadon ang pagka-inggit dahil mas lalong dumami ang nakikilig kay Presidente.