Saturday, December 22, 2018

After criticizing Catriona Gray, Mariel de Leon compliments the now Miss Universe

Mariel de Leon and Miss Universe Catriona Gray / Composite photos from ABS-CBN and The Philippines star

Mariel de Leon, the Miss International Philippines 2017, has received harsh criticism before for comments she made regarding then Binibining Pilipinas 2018 contestant, now Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Magnayon Gray.

During the pageant, De Leon was one of the judges and was able to hear Gray’s answer to her interview question.

After then, De Leon said that although she did like that Gray was very confident and believed that she had excellent speaking ability, she felt like Gray’s answers were scripted.

After she made the comment, many people immediately went to criticize her for it.

Now a supporter

Months went by and when Gray was on the Miss Universe pageant, about to be crowned, de Leon tweeted in her account her support for Gray, saying that she believes that she will win the Miss Universe pageant.

And de Leon was right because Gray did win the pageant and received overwhelming support from all around the world, and not just the Philippines.

Putting the past behind

Even with the press coverage that de Leon has received all throughout the years of her being in the pageant scene, she said that has already “closed that chapter” in her life.

De Leon said in her Instagram account that she does not want to be tagged in anything related to pageantry because she does not like being called a beauty queen.

She added that although she appreciates and is thankful about her experiences and opportunities she gained in the pageant, she said it does not matter to her anymore.

Source: Dailypedia

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