Thursday, December 20, 2018

Alleged brother of Joaquin Montes is the one in the new viral beating video

They say karma is a b!tch, if the new viral video that has been circulating in social media since this morning is true, then who's to say this is not karma's doing?
Diego Montes / Composite photos from Facebook

New viral video

In a new viral video, a group of guys is seen beating another guy up who is already sprawled on the ground. The beaten guy can be heard saying that he got bumped by another guy who was obviously these beaters' friend. 

People around the area is also seen calling out to the security guard to come and stop the commotion. But the guys continued to beat the other guy down. They seem to not believe that he was bumped that's why he retaliated.

The bul!y's brother?

Some time within the video, somebody asked the one taking the video who the guy being beaten up was. The answer given was Diego Montes. Apparently, Joaquin the bul!ly from Ateneo that went viral's wrongdoing is being thrown back at his brother. 

A number of people have confirmed in the comments that it is indeed Diego, Joaquin's brother on the ground.

To the rescue?

In the middle of the video, two other guys went to go near the commotion to try and stop it. It was clear that they are from Diego's side. The second one wearing a hoodie was said to be Joaquin himself.

Some netizens attested to that fact, saying that the built, the height and even the walk is that of Joaquin. And the name Diego Montes was mentioned in the video himself. Is it just a coincidence? Or is it really Diego claiming karma and Joaquin trying to rescue his brother?

If this is true, if these are really the now famous Montes brothers, is this karma getting to them? Are the bul!ies now being bullied?

Watch the viral video below:

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