Thursday, December 20, 2018

Well known writer poses question: Will Robredo condemn murder of enemy’s aide?

Following the death of lawyer Glenn Chong’s bodyguard, Richard Santillan, many people have spoken up about it. There have been varying angles of looking into the incident. Some people sees it as a case of Santillan maybe having a dark side, leading to the shoot out and eventually, his death. Some sees it as silencing and scaring Chong.
Krizette Laureta Chu | VP Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo | CTTO

Krizette Laureta Chu, a well known writer and social media personality, shared her side of how she saw the incident of Santillan’s murder.

News came out that not only was Santillan involved in the shootout, it turns out that he was also tortured before being killed.

Do you care?

With all this speculation that came up, Chu posed a question to those she calls anti-Marcos, anti-Duterte and anti-extra judicial killings (EJK).

She asked them if they also cared about the case of Santillan.

It was because she wondered how there was not the same outburst from them as those who were caught in the idle of President Dutere’s bloody drug war.

She feels like they are being selective about the deaths that they cry over and the “lives that matter”.

Maybe it was Leni

Chu then goes on to say that perhaps she would use the same logic that the opposition allegedly uses against them as well.

She says that it can be possibly concluded that maybe Vice President Leonor “Leni” Robredo and the Liberal Party could have been behind the death of Santillan.
Richard Santillan / Photo from UNTV

She continues on to say that it can be possible since Santillan’s boss, Chong, is one of the most vocal critics of the vice president and that he is actually really doing something in order to knock Robredo out of her position.

Ending her post, Chu says that if Robredo and the Liberal Party will be silent about this death, then they lose the credibility they have left.

Read her whole post here:

"I have a question for the anti Marcoses who are anti Dutertes and most importantly anti "EJKs."
Do you care about the death of Red Santillan, the bodyguard and trusted aide of Glenn Chong, the whistleblower in the election fraud case against Leni Robredo?

Recent PAO findings show he was tortured before he was "gunned down" in what they made to appear like an "encounter" but was clearly a murder because he did not show positive for paraffin, and he was beaten before he was "shot" in his car?

Obviously, they tried to get info from him. LENI ROBREDO and LP would be the prime suspects IF we jumped to conclusions the way you always jump to conclusions that all death MUST have Duterte's hand in it.

So one of your drug lords' lives is more important than the life of the bodyguard of a man who has declared it his mission to expose Leni Robredo and LP's cheating?

Where is the justice you say you seek? We cannot say a drug lord/rapist/killer's death is deserved, but you can silently think that Red Santillan got what he deserved because they're trying to ruin the disente candidate and Marcos is evil anyway?

Red Santillan WAS just a bodyguard.

Do you care? If yes, where is your outcry and your dramatization of events? Where are the closeup shots of Red Santillan's mangled body? Can Leni now include him when she talks about EJKs abroad?

If you don't, what kind of hypocrite gets to choose which deaths matter more?

Since you always involve Duterte in all other deaths, can we take a page from your book and involve Leni in the death of the man whose boss is after her?

Can we also maliciously infer that since it is Leni and LP who will benefit from his death and from scaring Glenn Chong into silence, that SURELY, SURELY she has a hand in Red's death? (Advice, please, since you do it all the time.)

What's the opinion of the Yellow bloggers on this murder? What is Leni's opinion? Leni has an opinion on everything. Will she condemn this? Where is her presscon? Will she condemn the death of her enemy's bodyguard? Will she pretend she's never heard of this case? Will she think this will silently go away?

Do you honestly think Leni and LP will still have any shred of credibility decrying human rights abuses if she is silent about the murder of her archenemy's right hand man?

Backed into a corner, caught in the headlight, Leni and LP are once again exposed for their true colors."

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