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Writer criticizes Church for being ‘political’

Senator Risa Hontiveros and Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle / Photo credit to the owner

Author and writer Alon Calinao Dy has had it with the Church allegedly being political about the issues that surround the country and have been affecting millions of Filipinos.

He took to Facebook recently to share his struggle with his Catholicism and what he sees is happening in the Church.

Why allow Risa to speak

The first thing that Dy mentioned is Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle and about how he allegedly allowed Senator Risa Hontiveros to speak in front of his clergy.

According to Dy, Honitveros spoke about politics in her speech.

Hontiveros is a Senator under the Liberal Party and has been a vocal critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Tagle is biased

Because of this incident, Dy believes that the Archbishop is biased because he had once said in his sermon that power should not be used to discriminate and hurt other people. But in the eyes of Dy, Hontiveros speaking in front of the clergy is also disrespecting.

He said that Hontiveros disrespected the president in her speech while inside the church.

Tagle is Dilaw

Dy believes that the priest might be a supporter of the Liberal Party, thus allowing Hontiveros to speak.
Cardinal Tagle / Photo from Rappler

He then says that although he is a Catholic, he does not agree with some of the doings of the people of the church.

He says that the church is not a space where priests should talk about politics or the errors of the government.

He adds that as much as possible, people should follow the Lord in speech as well as in action. But that priests spread “hate speech” when talking about the works of President Duterte.

Ending his post, Dy says that he still believes that there are many good priests but that many should just avoid politics.

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“This is my question to Fr. Tagle, Why do this parish priest let Senator Risa Hontiveros speak about politics inside the Catholic Church?

Di ba sabi nyo sa unang simbang Gabi palang na ‘Wag gamitin ang kapangyarihan para mambastos’ pero Bakit sa tingin ko hinahayaan nyo si Senador Risa Hontiveros bastosin si Pangulong Duterte sa loob ng simbahan? Bakit pader, dahil ba maka DILAW Kayo?

Someone asked me, “Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, biased ba ang simbahang Katoliko sa Pilipinas?” In my opinion, YES. I’m a Catholic but I’m sorry to tell you this. I’ve seen many pictures like this. I respect the Church as the place of good people who believe in God, but not a place for those politicians who speak about hatred against the government.

As much as possible, Gawin po natin ang mga Salita ng Diyos. Di lang po sa Salita pero sa gawa din po. I know many Filipinos are very frustrated about hearing that priests are no longer there to spread the WORD of GOD but it appears they tend to spread the hate speech coming from their favorite sponsors or politicians.

I still believe that there are many good priests out there who serve the Lord God in sincerity and in truth. But please, please, avoid the dirty world of politics. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT.”

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