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Duterte is Right: UP activists have direct links to CPP-NPA

Blogger of website, Ken See, agreed with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s statement saying that University of the Philippines activists have direct links with the Communist Party of the Philippines - New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).
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He discusses how there are three levels of recruitment that the rebels have.

He says that the first level of recruitment is the Makabayan bloc’s entrenchment into the UP system through influencing student politics and activism. He adds that it has led to the creation of several mass organizations. Namely, Anakbayan, Center for Nationalist Studies, League of Filipino Students, Alay-Sining, Gabriela-Youth, etc.

He says that these mass organizations conduct daily recruitment activities and stand as the first level of recruitment for the CPP-NPA.

In addition to this, he says that students who join these mass orgs are then given educational discussions of Maikling Kurso sa Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino (MKLRP). Through this, these students are introduced to the works of Jose Marie Sison, the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

According to him there are three essential things being taught in the educational discussions:

1. The Philippine society is semi-colonial and semi-feudal

2. Elites composed of landlords and compradors rule over vast populations of poor peasants and farmers

3. Armed struggle is the only way to end the social pyramid

Those who buy into the propaganda will then be groomed by mass org leaders to participate in rallies and further indoctrination with Marxist literature,” wrote See.

See goes on to say that the second level of recruitment is the students entering Kabataang Makabayan which, according to him, serves as a training ground of the CPP. He says the students are given leadership roles in order to prepare themselves.

The third level of the recruitment process is more strict, according to See. He said that this is where they will finally get into the CPP.

According to him, interested people will have to undergo an in-house indoctrination on the basics of the communist party. From there, they would have to immerse themselves within a far-flung communist controlled area. When this is completed, they will be considered as a new Party cadre.

The recruits may then opt to stay in the NPA, go back to UP, or be assigned to other Makabayan bloc groups. In this way, See says that the CPP is able to properly monitor and maintain order in the school and in Metro Manila.

See concludes his blog post by saying a few more things.

He says that Makabayan or National Democratic activists in UP should be kicked out of school to lessen the recruitment powers of the CPP. He says that this thought of his is in agreement with President Duterte’s thoughts.

He adds that he had stayed and UP and noticed this system working for the CPP.

Secondly he says that students proven to have ties with the CPP should be rightfully kicked out of the school.

The last thing he says is that people should not listen to the protests of student activists who call the president “fascist” and “anti-democratic”.

Source: Ikennat

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