Thursday, August 15, 2019

Expert warned PNoy about Dengavia but he did not listen

Dr. Scott Halstead, a US-based scientist who specializes in dengue research, sent a video recording dated December 2016 to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee to explain how he had warned the Aquino administration about the dangers of Dengvaxia but they did not listen.
Dr. Scott Halstead and Former President Noynoy Aquino III / Photo credit to the owner

According to Halstead, he already started to worry when he heard the news about the mass vaccination.

Halstead said his first warning was to say that the vaccine must not be administered to seronegative individuals.

He added that when we could not do anything about stopping the mass vaccination altogether, he did try to stop it being administered to seronegative individuals.

Halstead sent his video via Dr. Antonio Dans, a local health advocate, who then presented it to the Blue Ribbon committee on December 6, 2016.

When given to somebody who has had one or more dengue infections, Dengvaxia boosts the immunity status and one is fairly protected. That’s wonderful. If you’re seronegative…and you get vaccinated, your first infection may put you in the hospital, and maybe worse,” he aid in the video.

If they had just followed and heard Halstead’s call, 10 percent of the 368,000 children vaccinated in 2017 would not have feared the risk of severe dengue.

Halstead said they could have screened the children first. To which Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial said, “It would have been very tedious and expensive, and it would negate the cost-effectiveness of the intervention. Besides we had other data that infection rate was high.”

Former Health Secretary Janette Garin said that there are no tests to properly administer this, to which Halstead refuting, saying that there are many other options.

It took another fifteen months, on November 29, 2017, before Sanofi-Pasteur released independent findings that confirmed Halstead was right all along.

What I said two years ago is exactly what Sanofi is saying now,” Halstead said.

The list goes beyond Sanofi. The World Health Organization saw the same data that I saw, but they came to a completely opposite conclusion. I’m also angry at my fellow dengue scientists. Where are all those brave scientists?” he added.

It is still unclear why the Aquino camp did not listen to the invites. Halstead on the other hand insists that the government do something more in order to ave the lives of the children.

Put them on a special watchlist,” he said. “Alert their parents, the doctors and their schools. Make sure you know who they are. That’s really the only thing you can do now,” he said.


Source: ABS-CBN News

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