Monday, August 12, 2019

Raffy Tulfo changed the life of a family who thought life will be hopeless

Do you still remember Ferlito Lacaba? He is a father of 3 who ask help from a veteran public service Raffy Tulfo.
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His wife left him with three kids for her to live with another man, and because of his condition he went to the office of Raffy Tulfo hoping that the program could help him.

According to Ferlito, he would like to return their children to his wife because he can no longer raise them because he suffered from stroke.

However, her wife didn't accept their children. And at that point Raffy Tulfo  decided to help this family. 

The program sent Ferlito to a rehabilitation center for persons who suffered from stroke. And the difficult part is while Ferlito was undergoing his therapies he needs to leave his children with their relatives.

Then finally after a month, Tatay Ferlito went home and the best part of the program started. They provided the family an unforgettable bonding. Aside from going to a well known amusement park in the Philippines (Enchanted Kingdom), the staff of the program together with Tulfo's wife accompanied them for a grocery and shopping spree.

The family thought that this was the end of all the surprises they were getting, but they are wrong, because the program also gave them a sari-sari store for them to get started in their new life.

They also give P20,000 for emergency fund and Tulfo also vowed that he will shoulder the medical expenses of  Tatay Ferlito as well as the school expenses of his children.

The family candidly offered their thanks to Raffy Tulfo and his program. Because of them, they were able to start a new life and face the future with a smile on their lips.

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