Wednesday, August 14, 2019

USec reveals PNoy was allegedly late for SAF44 meeting due to playing DOTA

The Liberal Part (LP) remains suspiciously mum as the exposé on Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairperson Andres Bautista takes its toll.
ormer President Noynoy Aquino III / Photo credit to the owner

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretay Lorraine Marie Badoy has intel on the highly private meeting LP members had on August 8, 2017 (Tuesday) at Manila Golf Club with former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas present.

Not even the waiters of the venue were allowed to go inside the room where LP held their meeting which hints at the highly confidential matters that might have been discussed considering this was during the aftermath of the Bautista scandal. Roxas, however, was observed to seem very sickly.

The interesting bit that Badoy and her fellow social media personalities picked up, though, was about former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III who was said to have delayed a meeting for hours years ago during the SAF44 controversy.

Josh Aquino and Former President Noynoy Aquino III / Photo credit to the owner

When Aquino finally did arrive for the meeting, his nephew, Josh, barged in ten minutes later and said “I beat you.”

It was said that Aquino had been playing DOTA for hours which was the reason why he was late for the important meeting.

In her full post on Facebook, Badoy said,

"Still no word from the LP about the latest hydrogen bomb pasabog of Tish Bautista ha? 

I have it on good word though that Mar Roxas was in Manila Golf Club yesterday having a meeting with the LP members. And he looked real hilo. It was a closed-door meeting where not even the waiters were allowed in.

Good idea, Mar. Because when we went to Malacañang for dinner and while we waited for the President to arrive, my friends (sila Sass, RJ, Krizette, Ethel, Butch, Ahmed, Mark, Franco, etc) talked to the waiters. 

They're usually zip-locked when it comes to these things but one waiter told us an ARGH story about Noynoy Aquino. (Sila Sass at RJ at Krizette ba naman ang mag-interview sayo.)

And he said that during the SAF 44 crisis, Cabinet members swooped into the private residence of the president in MP to have an emergency meeting. But Noynoy wasn't there. He made them wait for hours. 

Then finally, bumaba na sha to have that meeting. 

After around 10 minutes, according to this waiter, Josh comes down and goes to Noynoy and says, "Haha I beat you." 

NagDOTA ampotah.

Is this true? We'll never know. 

But here's the thing with Noynoy and Mar and company: is it a stretch to believe this happened? 

From where I sit and from where millions of us sit, NOT REALLY. Quite the opposite in fact. Not only believable but EXPECTED. 

So yeah, for once Mar got that right. 

Take the waiters out of this meeting."


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